Monday, June 1, 2009

Tea Time

May makes me think of May flowers, May Day poles, Mother's Day, My birthday and Tea Time. There is just something so relaxing and elegant about a proper tea. Even better, you get to share it if with family and/or friends. I even collect tea cups and pots. It started with a lovely cup my grandmother gave me when I was about 10 and grew from there.
This year, I hosted a Mother's tea at my church. I had to bring ALL my tea cups, formal settings, wine glasses, linens, fresh flowers, decorations, and gifts for the attendees. I loved it! I made chocolate cups and placed fresh strawberries in it. I scrapped some bookmarks and gave out tea lights, Cashew Rocha, tea bags and gift boxes. Oh what work but soo worth it. My mother, 2 of my 3 sisters and niece came. At my table, two friends from MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) and a friend from my Bible Study plus her darling teen daughter joined me.
In addition, locally we have an excellent tea parlour and some of my mommy group friends and I spent hours enjoying a formal tea and chatting. I've been with this group of women for 5 years. We have evolved but more importantly, we have grown closer each year. I love that we have extablished this Tea tradition together each May.

"You only know how strong a women is when you put her in hot water."

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