Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lumpy, bumpy Modeling Paste

Mold grows on cheese. I like cheese. I like molding paste.

Check out what I made using MODELING PASTE.
The first time I heard someone call it molding paste, I assumed they meant modeling paste and were just saying it wrong. Until I bought some. 

I use both  & 

All the above were created with plastic templates. I then used a plastic knife to smear on the modeling paste and removed the template and let dry. Two I left white. Several I used color mist sprayed over to alter the color. To create the yellow stars I added yellow ink into the modeling paste before spreading it on. All are rough and lumpy and imperfect- just how I wanted them! 


  1. WOW! Awesome work! I love molding paste too!!

  2. These are very cool! Really love the ones with color. I think that bottom left is my favorite, but they are all really cool. I need to try this. I've been scrap lazy. lol Thanks for the inspiration!