Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Scrapbooking about scrapbooking

When you have a passion, it's wonderful to find friends to celebrate that passion with. I'm guessing if you are reading this, then you too are passionate about Scrapbooking.

I met a group of women on scrapbook.com about 10 years ago and we became online friends. WOw- 10 years!! About 7 years ago, we talked about traveling to meet in person at a crop. The central local seems to be Michigan and Ohio. We made it happen. I can't attend every year (more like every other due to the cost of flights) but when I get to go, it's like I've known them forever. That is the joy of sharing something so personal like scrapbooking- something that celebrates family, friends, and every part of our self we want to remember and treasure and share. 
We might get a little rowdy!

MOXXIE created a funky new line called Queen of the CROP. If you go to crops or just want to showcase some fun creativity, check out this line. 
This page has a splash of black mist and uses the back of the scan code strips. It's simple but fun. I adore that purple paper! 

For the next page, I used the size of the journaling cards to pic the size of my photos. But I had so many photos, I couldn't get them all on one page....so I made a book on the page. Simply using scrap card stock as a base, I made a fold out for more pics and those cool journal cards. I added a few paint rings and sequins (for that royal touch). I like how there is a scrapbook on a page of scrapbooking!!

Crop- closed 

Crop- open to show more!

And one of the happy accidents that I simply adore is cutting out crowns and using them as journal strips to write names on, because we all want to be Queens of the CROP! 

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