Thursday, August 23, 2012

Trendy Tape- Washi Tape

Have you played with Washi Tape yet? It is a trend from Japan that is now a hit in the US.

Here is my favorite Washi Tape page I've done so far.
At a crop, my friend Melissa brought a bag of Washi Tape and Trendy Tape for me to try out. And experiment I did! At first, I didn't know how to make this a strong, masculine page since the background had the pretty pink blossoms. It was throwing me off. But by making it simple and embellishing with only more masculine colored tapes, I got the effect I wanted. And it was fun!


I'm going to admit, I don't love this page. But I had fun experimenting on it. I misted (note the banner top detail) and stamped (the circles) as well as throwing on some colored tapes (many from the Disney collection). These are all things I don't often scrap with with, so I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone. The result is...SWEET.

Before I could get my hands on some washi tape, I tried to improvise. That is the mother of invention, no? While at a scrap studio, I had unlimited access to all kinds of duct tape in neat colors. So I used them like strips of pp and tried to have a teen vibe to the page.
See a product that interests you or that even "scares" you a bit. Embrace it and give it a try. You might have fun. If possible, find friends or local scrapbook stores or studios that will allow you to "test" it out before you invest too much money. Some trends are short lived or just not your thing. Others will enhance your scrapbooking bag of tricks and make you an even richer scrapbooker. Knowledge is power. So give it a try.

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