Sunday, March 1, 2015

Christmas Pups

Our dogs are truly members of our family so of course, they need to celebrate Christmas with us...whether they like it or not. I made both pages with MOXXIE's Happy Pawlidays.

In 2000, we have a white and red dog. For this simple page, I added some red paint to anchor the photos and the paper and stickers did the rest of the work for me.

 Well, 13 years later both those beloved pups have passed away and we have 2 dogs again. Somehow, they are white and red again. We bought these doggy elf costumes for the 2 pets above (they hated them) and reused them in 2013 for these 2 pups.

Don't they look like the most unhappy elves ever? I must admit, it cracks me up!!
These papers can be used for doggy or kitty Christmas pics or just for Christmas pics without pets. But why? It's so much fun to include your pets...whether they like it or not.

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