Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cowboy Up!

I'm a sucker for a little boy cowboy. So when my soon to be 5 year old son let me pick cowboy for his 5th birthday party, I was super excited. I made a banner, fun name tags for all the food, wanted posters of each child guest, cupcake picks. We even created from large appliance boxes a "bad-guy jail" and an "okay dokey horse corral" for the hobby horses. The party was a blast. My favorite thing being the hobby horse race.

I finally got around to scrapping it. I had so many great pictures I had to make an interactive page with lots of fold out books to house all the pics.

This opens down the center to reveal a 24"x12" layout inside

On the inside, all the photos are accordion folded with tabs to pull out to reveal even more photos!


  1. wow all of these pages and pictures are super cool wtg...tfs

  2. Wow! First off, the party decorations are just fabulous! Your layout is so cool. Love the neverending page & cute embellishments you included. Wow! (again) Thank for participating in the Crop Stop Blog Hop!