Friday, June 17, 2011

So Campy

As a child, the one vacation I could count on was camping with my family. It was cheap and offered good times in nature. My father loved to sail so we were often next to water. My sister would play her guitar as we sand songs around the campfire, my favorite being "It only takes a spark". We'd play board games on a picnic table and mom would cook a big breakfast of pancakes, bacon and eggs. Cleaning wasn't fun there, but where is it fun? We'd sleep in a tent cuddled warm into a sleeping back. We'd sit around the campfire in folding chairs and just talk, relax and hang out. The only enemy- mosquitos!

Well time has passed and we all have our own kids now but tradition lives on.
We try to have an annual campout with the whole family once a year. It is a challenge and some times one family or family member can't make it, but I hope these are the memories my children take with them and connect them to their cousins, their aunts and uncles and to nature.

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