Monday, August 22, 2011

Flea Market Finds

My local scrapbook store has a flea market for scrappy stuff each year. I've gone and spent far too much for the last 3 years (maybe more) and been extremely happy with the deals I get each year. If you have surplus, you can sell your stuff for consignment (you get a certain percentage cash back, more if you accept store credit back). Anything that doesn't sell you get back. The store organizes it so well. Volunteers do all the hard work (and get to shop first).

This yearI spent just under $200 dollar and got 4 large bags and boxes of stuff.
The volunteers even went next door to CVS and got me a shopping cart to carry all my purchases to my car.

Here is my haul. There is soooo much, it is pretty hard to show in detail, but I did the best I could.
First paper. I love paper!!! Most packs/kits included some embellies too and ranged in cost from $1 to $3.

I also splurged and paid $8 each for these new Pink Paislee kits. Aren't they pretty??

I prefer Ring albums now, but since I'm prolific, I always need more albums.
So $5 each for some very new albums, even post bound is okay with me.

I totally get the idea of buying something to alter and then not doing anything with it.
These items were cheap because they are big and take up space. People want to get rid of them.
Although, not usually an altered items kind of scrapper, I have ideas for each of these for Christmas gifts.
The mugs were $0.50 each. The box .25. Three chipboard shapes that can be turned into door hangers .25.
The Family letters that can stand up- $2. The frame $2. The hanging album $2.
Months away and plenty of time and supplies. Now just to make them beautiful!

And second only to my love of papers is the embellishments that decorate them!

I may never have as many alphas as MindAy, but I'm stocking up.


Ghost shapes, chipboard, journal stacks and stamps.
To note, lots of people were selling LOTS of stamps and chipboard. There was a huge supply but I too didn't need/want much of that.

Paint- Stickles, Mist, ink and some weird paper paint I thought I'd try out.
Note, there were 2 more Stickles in gold/brown that aren't pictured. I have already misplaced them. grrr

Some random stuff. Don't even know what those white plastic circles are but they were in a grab bag.

I love ribbon. I know Felt Fusion is out of vogue, but I loved it so stocked up. I don't have to be fashionable.

Rub-ons and iron ons


I'm a sticker junkie. And I'm okay with it.

One scrapper's junk, is now my treasure.
Maybe next year I'll purge and actually sell some of my stash. Maybe not! ;)
Off to put it all away now!


  1. Awesome! Wish that there was something within a 100 mile radius and even a faction of what I see in your pictures!

  2. JEALOUS!!!!!!!!! Seriously great haul!