Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Holtz Configurations 4 box

Last weekend I took a class led by "THE" Tim Holtz.
He was a great speaker- charismatic, good salesman and instructive. Short though.
You should have seen the women swoon over him though!

Made this Configurations Box.

I tried to only use Tim Holtz items that represented something about me like "3" for my religion (father/son/HG), film strip for my love of photos and scrapping, pearls & jewels for my blessings, cage for my issues, viles of bling for wishes.

Added some personal items-
"A" "M" "Y" in different boxes to spell my name.
A red "rose" pinecone my hubby gave me long ago
a blue jack from my kid's toy box
a photo of my family (background of top right box)
photo of dh & I (bottom left corner)
a guardian angel pin my sister gave me (can't see in this pic but it's inside the watch

Top right corner has a jack from my kids' toy box, an altered doll, a broken ruler part, a pen nub and a pic of my family to represent my playful side and my children.

Even the back that noone sees is pretty.

Some pics from Scrapbook Island's blog:

I even found "me" on Tim's blog.
I'm the person in purple at the table 5th pic down. Okay, I have no head in the pic, but it's still me. :)

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