Monday, August 22, 2011

WTTS Crop 2011

Years ago, I met some scrapbookers online at We were all in a thread called the Very Laid Back Challenge with Cathy has our laid back leader. We started talking about wanting to crop together. Plans progressed and 4 years ago, the first "Will Travel To Scrap" crop was held. Although I was part of the WTTS, I couldn't get the funds together to make it. The next year, I saved up and attended in Michigan. I met women who I already adored online in person and found I adored them even more! And their scrapping talent- wow! No wonder so many are on Design Teams and featured artists. Last year I didn't make it, again due to money. So this year, hell or high water, I was going!

We met for a weekend in August in Somerset, Ohio (central to many of them).
Rebecca and her mom picked Jen (flying in from New York) and I up at the airport and drove us the hour to the B&B.

Although only 3 bedrooms, there was plenty of room for the 14 of us.
Two rooms slept 3 each, Genie slept downstairs on the futon in the "relaxation room" and I slept in a room with 6 single beds plus Jen on a blow up air mattress in the center. Honestly, I found it quite comfortable.
Here are some pics of the inside

And next door (as in sharing the same wall and able to go to in my socks and jammies!) was a scrapbook store with a very nice owner. The prices were quite good and the selection adequate. Better then I expected for such a small little shop.

But really it wasn't about the location, it was about the friends!

Missing: Melissa. She was probably downstairs working out!

And at the heart of the weekend- cropping!
It was so nice to just spend hours upon hours of scrap time!
And the generous girls brought so much! Cricut cartridges galore!

And the climax was definitely a very red cherry.

I was a bit amazed at Mindy's stash of Thickers. She seriously brought a store's worth and more.

Oh course, there were snacks and drinks.
Don't let the pics fool you, there was plenty of candy too.

Right next door to the scrapbook store was a German restaurant that we hit on Saturday night.
It was a blast! We had a great waiter too.

Then the short 3 days came to a close and we had to sweep up our scraps from the floor, pack our bags (did a few bring a wee too much?) and head home.

Until next year, we'll have these photos to scrap!


  1. It was such a fantastic weekend. So so so HAPPY you were able to make it this year.

  2. It was awesome and I miss you all!!