Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Who's birthday is it?

Jan 4-10th is a special birthday and YOU can get the presents. Stay tuned and get ready to scrap those birthday photos. Check back here on Jan 4th to see how you can join the party!

And a hint to my upcoming challenge, put on your thinking caps and look at this page I did for my father-in-law's birthday.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

1980's BIG Hair Challenge

Welcome to my "Back to the 80's" challenge for the If It's Groovy Blog Hop Crop! If you haven't checked out "If It's Groovy" lately ( now is a great time. The Design Team is having a blog hop crop and offering tons of great prizes on several great blogs.

Here is my challenge to YOU! My fondest memory of the 1980s was BIG Hair. I admittedly was a "Hair Bear" and thought the bigger the better. I bought so much Vavoom hairspray and "ratted" my hair, that even on a motorcycle, it wouldn't move! So in honor of my 1980s memory, my challenge to you is create a scrapbook layout (any size but I'm sure the bigger the better) about HAIR. The theme has to be "hair" related- Big Hair, hair styles over the years, donating hair, first hair cut, new look, etc. It doesn't have to be 1980s specific (but it's groovy if it is!). So get hairy with it.

Here is my layout for this challenge and also the prize that I have up for grabs to the winner of this challenge! To enter for a chance to win the below prize, either email a photo of your layout to me at or post your link to your layout in the comments section. Be sure to leave a way for me to get in touch with you if you win! Layouts are DUE June 14, 2009. I will select a winner from all qualifying entries. Yes, you can enter more then once!

Hope you didn't miss the blog challenge before mine: Lynnette's 80's Icon/Fad/Toy at

Next, grab your mouse and click on over to my fellow Design Team Member Marci's blog to check out her Groovy 80's Challenge and prize!

Good luck and happy scrapping.
Keep it Groovy.

Now check out all the HAIRy entries. I'm lovin' it!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Tea Time

May makes me think of May flowers, May Day poles, Mother's Day, My birthday and Tea Time. There is just something so relaxing and elegant about a proper tea. Even better, you get to share it if with family and/or friends. I even collect tea cups and pots. It started with a lovely cup my grandmother gave me when I was about 10 and grew from there.
This year, I hosted a Mother's tea at my church. I had to bring ALL my tea cups, formal settings, wine glasses, linens, fresh flowers, decorations, and gifts for the attendees. I loved it! I made chocolate cups and placed fresh strawberries in it. I scrapped some bookmarks and gave out tea lights, Cashew Rocha, tea bags and gift boxes. Oh what work but soo worth it. My mother, 2 of my 3 sisters and niece came. At my table, two friends from MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) and a friend from my Bible Study plus her darling teen daughter joined me.
In addition, locally we have an excellent tea parlour and some of my mommy group friends and I spent hours enjoying a formal tea and chatting. I've been with this group of women for 5 years. We have evolved but more importantly, we have grown closer each year. I love that we have extablished this Tea tradition together each May.

"You only know how strong a women is when you put her in hot water."

The dog ate my scraproom

So I have a doggy who is a handful. When we are home, she is so relaxed and wonderful. My 2 boys can poke and "love on" her and she just lays there and loves it. But when we leave, she gets crazy anxiety issues. I'm a stay at home mom, so am home quite a bit but dogs just aren't allowed in church, grocery store, library, etc. Sigh.

So I locked our dog in the house, because she has been running away when we leave (looking for us). So she had to go potty. We were only gone an hour but she needed to get out, so she ATTACKED the window over my scrapping table, tearing up EVERYTHING on the table. There is chaos and spilled pigment everywhere. I'm so not happy and just left it because I just can't deal with it yet. AHHHHHH!

On my table was a paper holder made of metal. She chewed it to threads, making her poor mouth bleed, then proceeded to chew on all kinds of other stuff with her bloody mouth. Then after destroying TONS, including 4 layouts (2 double pagers) that were almost done, she jumped down and peed on the floor.

THEN...she went upstairs and dove through an open window, destroying the screen. The window is over 5 feet high so she had to jump from the bed out the window.

I came home to find her ON TOP of the ROOF. Imagine my surprise to come home and find our dog ON the roof. No, I didn't get a picture. I thought saving the dog was more important. I ran upstairs, had to go out a window myself to the roof and lift her back inside. So now my scraproom is destroyed and I just can't stomach dealing with it so I'm not scrapping right now.

As surprising as the story above is...I have sooo many more about this dog! Sigh

What kind of dog do I have...a bad dog. In addition, she is also an Australian cattle dog that we rescued from the pound. She came with the anxiety- lucky us.

Before you suggest crate training....So when we first got her, we bought a plastic crate. Did all the positive crate training things. Left it in the living room (a friendly place for 2 weeks). Let the kids play in it to show it was a good place (oh the pictures I have!). Threw doggy treats in there. All good. So we left her in it the first time for 30 minutes. Only 30 minutes and she chewed a HUGE hole through the plastic of the bottom big enough to get her 45lb body through. You should have seen the damage! So we bought a metal one. She can't chew that, right?... She busted the hinges of the back of the cage. Nice, huh?

Anyone want a dog, slightly psycho? Free to loving home. ;)

So you say its my birthday

May is MY birthday.

This year, we went to the Cheesecake Factory with several friends. We tried to put the kids (most age 4&5) together so they could talk. They got loud. It wasn't really relaxing, but it was fun. I took pics, but it will probably take me months to get around to scrapping them. So here are pics from last year's party.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Who am I?

I am: 33, Christian, wife to Russ (Sept97), mom to William (Feb04) and Logan (Mar07), scrapbooker, scrapbooker, Phi Sigma Sigma Active Alumnae, Mommy-group member, Stay-at-home Mom (retired in 2008 from High Tech Marketing), Californian, little sister, daughter, dog-lover, eBay addict, organization freak, shopper, dreamer, architecture/home lover, girl, hiker, volunteer, TV watcher, pedicure lover, Sorority Life player, old-soul, friend.