Thursday, June 21, 2012

Teacher Appreciation

I am so very grateful for my kid's teachers. They put so much energy and love forth. I want to be sure that they know how appreciated and valued they are. In addition, I want to make sure that my children know it is important to say thank you to those people who do so much for them.

Gift #1 is a Crayon Initial inspired by Pinterest. Man you can find some awesome ideas on there. What a great way to share!

The teacher's initial made into crayons and framed. Easy, cheap and cute. I printed out his teacher's name at the bottom and then her initial in large bold font. This served as my guide for cutting into the crayons. At first I thought I could use my son's old, already broken crayons but I found they looked dirty and needed to go and buy some new ones. Easily affordable at the dollar store. Then I used dikes (wire cutters) to snip the crayons into just the right size and hot glued it down. Once complete, I put into a frame and my son presented to his dear teacher. Success!

Gift #2 is also inspired by Pinterest. A pencil vase!

First I took a soup can that I had already used a can opener to take the top off of. I cleaned and dried it well. Then I cut out some felt for the inside bottom and hotglued that inside. I bought some brand new, unsharpened pencils. On the outside, I hotglued the new pencils around the can outside. This actually took more hands then I have, so had to have my husband come over to help. Once done, I hotlued a red ribbon with a bow around the outside.
I didn't want to give her an empty vase so I filled with some bright orange and yellow sunflowers and a giftcard.
In the picture you will see the vase resting on a plastic container. That included some homemade banana cookies we made for her too. Recipe also found on pinterest!