Saturday, February 1, 2014

They can't all be winners

Despite having plenty of time to scrap, sometimes we just don't have the inspiration or the "mojo." What's that about? When you have a deadline on a Design Team, it really doesn't matter if you want to scrap, you just have to plug through. Today was that time.

Here is the sketch I was assigned. A perfectly good design...but it just didn't resonate with me on this day.
So I scrapped it using some pics the Florida Travels 2011pictures I'm working on.
First, with a green background that said nature and went with the color of the fruit while adding in some homemade painted paper I made using a gelli plate. Simple but it just didn't sing to me. Might also be that I'm not a huge fan of green.
Since I wasn't impressed (but was done with it), I tried again to work with the sketch and choose some pictures that I liked more, hoping they would give me that happy feeling. I love Christmas Gingerbread houses and we were able to go through a BIG one. 
So I like this one better and it actually highlights the negative space a bit more which I liked, but it only felt half way there. And then I remembered- they can't all be winners. Sometimes, good enough is good enough. Hopefully next week when I'm scrapping, I'll be in a better mood. By the way, I'm coming down with a cold. Can you tell from my attitude?