Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Baseball ***MOXXIE*** Style

Moxxie's new line "All Star Baseball" is a smash hit. It is great for baseball AND perfect for patriotic pages celebrating America. 

These pictures of my friend's son are so perfect for this line. Though I'm planning some 4th of July pages with these star spangled papers as well! This was an easy page to put together thanks to the easy to use Moxxie stickers and papers. 
I love that Moxxie prints on the backside of the strips that tell the company and line. I used the strip with "baseball" over and over that is attached to the blue paper here. I also love that MOXXIE is so trendy and plays with the current cool arrows that I repeated with textured gesso on the page. I added some pop dots, distressing and journaling and I had myself a home run!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I'm a practical gal. I make scrapbook pages because I can see the purpose of them- remembering moments of time and recording history, capturing youth and joy and heart ache, loving family and friends. I also love art- I really do see the value of a piece that brings forth strong emotion but I have yet to really work towards creating art for art's sake. I find it brave and bold those who do.

That being said, my friend Sonia enjoys creating art just for the sake of creation. Her art journals are spectacular and inspire me. They have even inspired me to start a prayer journal. Perhaps more a journal with scriptures and notes to capture the love I have for Jesus and that the Lord has for us.

Here is my VERY first page in my journal. I haven't even given the journal a name yet. Not sure it needs one. Maybe one will come to me later. I used the FAITH line by MOXXIE with a background of yellow paint. A few torn strips of paper glued on and the Bible Versus are already printed on lovely stickers by MOXXIE.

The torn strips reminds me that God does his best work with the broken. Throughout the Bible, those who are sinners and broken are those who God uses for the glory of his kingdom. What an inspiring message because I don't know a single unbroken, perfect human.

My artistic friend Sonia took the same MOXXIE Faith line and created this canvas. I love how the papers are versatile enough to work with a variety of colors. Look at the texture she created. And I get to hang this in my home!

Look at me- I'm making art!!

Friday, May 1, 2015

MOXXIE Hop - Days to Disney

Hey! It's May 
and a beautiful time of year to share with you MOXXIE's 2015 Spring Releases!
 Make sure you read to the bottom to find out how to WIN one of these fantastic NEW lines!!

Want to see what I made?
I found an idea on Pinterest and made it my own with this great Disney MOXXIE line.
I've reused this Dollar Store frame for some many parties and ideas. It's 8x10. I made a quick page to go in it. I pop dotted the yellow star in the corner, but under the glass, it really doesn't matter. Then a dry erase marker on the outer glass lets me count down and change daily. So fun!

I used the ever so popular Magical Moments!
This fun, bright, starlit line is sure to be a big hit with the little and big kids alike!
This line covers all of your magical moments at home or on vacation.

Now check out other neat ideas using these new lines!
You can leave a comment on each of our designers' blogs for an extra entry into our giveaway.

What's the prize you ask?
You can PICK which line you receive if you WIN!

How do I WIN you ask?
Just leave a comment on the Moxxie blog hop post. 

You get extra chances to WIN by commenting on our designers' blogs and sharing with your friends. Just let us know how you shared in a comment on the Moxxie blog.

Good luck!