Monday, April 9, 2012

Banner Bandwagon

So a recent trend in scrapbooking is to put banners on a layout. Cute- yes. Overdone- yes. But you know what, will your kids care that you followed a trend in 20 years when they look through your album. So you can take that 2 ways, both ways are do what you want. You really only have you to please. And my choice is to jump on the bandwagon and play around with new trends and see if I like them. If not, no harm. If so, I have a new "go-to" in my bag of tricks.

Banners are so easy and add party to a page.

Here I hand cut some banner shapes from the pp. Then with my crop-a-dile (or any hole punch), I cut holes in them. I strong fiber through and glue dotted the fiber down. I then used a glue stick to stick on the paper banner portion. Lots of added color and fun.

For the next page, I also did the banner but in a more subtle way.
I just cut out random "banner" shapes for the lower right corner - all from random scraps of paper that I have saved in a "scrap" drawer. Then by overlapping and glueing down, I added some interest and color to a corner.

So go forth and try out a trend you see in a magazine, blog or website.
Misting? Distressing? Jewels? Washi Tape? New techniques and new products can add new life to not only one page but your whole creative process.