Monday, April 18, 2016

Gelli time

I'm still enjoying the "fruits" of my last gelli plate printing session over a year ago. When I use the gelli plate, I just make a bunch of papers in a variety of colors. Oddly, those colors end up being perfect later on for pages that come up. But I'm about out and know I need to get some more gelli prints going.

Here are some pages where I have used a page I painted using the gelli plate. Non of these were pre planned.

Girls Weekend in Monterey with some friends. I love how crisp the white looks compared to the rest of the gelli printed paper. It just pops. And boy did I have fun with flowers on here!!


This one actually used three sheets of similar designs but up and used together. The white one is actually tissue paper. You can see it in the top right and lower left corners. The red paper was cut and used in the top left and lower right corners.

I made this page because I never use purple and wanted to push myself. The greens and blues were leftover paint on the gelli.

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